If you had 100k to spend

what would you buy with 100k ?


i would buy mrbeast Investor t-shirts (massive stonks)

1trillion dollars of fake money


invest it in different things to make more money

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I’d make sure that I don’t waste it or at least save ~50k of it as a safety net, preferably above that. Then either invest the money or save it for the future when I need it.

BuT tHe QUeStioN iS 100k oF WhAT? 100K fookin :apple: :apple: or :banana: :banana: or douchebags? I mean mEoW maN whY u SaY 100k BuT nOT mOneY or what?

NVM I read “buy” now but still my math teacher would say “wHat APples?”


i will open startup, create cool promo, find investors on kickstarter or indiegogo, then i will open company, then i will make it autonomic and sell it too big company like Google… but if u meant 100k rubles then i just gonna look at ruble currency and cry(

neverlose lifetime

r33 and a new pc

buy a skeet invite a tesla and nasa pc

neverlose lifetime :sunglasses:


Put down a deposit for a house and get a new car then save the rest

buy neverlose 10 year sub.

first propably better pc
better car
then i would invest them to something and leave some for bad day

i just noticed that this post is from Apr 28, why the fuck did it show for me at the top???

I would buy myself a new processor and case for a pc and pay myself for a neverlose:3

Ну наверное отдал бы маме

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hi, I think if I had 100 000$ I would not be on hvh + - 1-2 years
I would buy new components for my personal computer, as well as buy a couple of games on steam :slight_smile: