Interesting info for me

Does anyone know when the new wave of applications for acceptance in will take place?

No, no one knows.

Ok, thx for answer. Maybe someone else knows that

nobody knows that

there is no eta maybe next month maybe longer maybe never ^^

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Nobody knows except staff, but judging from prior waves, 2-6 months. Most likely later than sooner :slight_smile:

no eta

ok thx everyone

i think next or this month since 1st wave was in april then may and maybe in this or next?
prove me wrong

no eta as of now look in announcements every day and if you get lucky apply :slight_smile:

It just depends how they like most of all ^^

@SAMBYKA read this they explain it well in here Invite/Application Information (ENG/RU)

just be patient

Invite/Application Information (ENG/RU) +