Let's talk about retards saying that "cheats matter too much"

As the title says, there are retards that actually believe this. The cheat litterely does not matter at all nowdays. It’s mainly about skill. I mean yeah, the resolver matters, but that’s it. They are like: “Oh my God, you have a paid cheat, and you blah blah blah”, and I fucking tell them the cheat does not matter. Let’s say every cheat had the same resolver. I could tap every other cheat with fucking LuckyCharms. Or, you could tap everyone with OneTap crack V2.

I’m pretty sure that some of you actually knows this, mainly talking about the veterans.

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shit take, cheats wouldn’t update if it didn’t matter.

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Ehhhh. Updates are required of course to keep the functions working, but it’s like, nothing matters, because the resolver is one thing, and everything else is the user.

Let me tell u short story:
2y + ago when skeet have got like 3k users and ot was private hvh was cheatbased, standing middle open and getting missed by whole enemy team wasn’t skill, to play good old hvh u need decent cheat and knowledge to do good cfg and that’s all.
When u was using something not private in these times u was in loser sytuation bcs everyone with better cheat and normal cfg would be literally unkillable due to cheatboost.

Now lets take a lok how 2021 hvh looks like:
Everthing is cracked, every cheat is on close lvl but if u want to perform constantly u should use sk33t, sk33t crack or nl (only these cheats make u hit constantly, ofc u can use otc or something else but u will miss in sytuations where cheats above would insta kill so that’s the reason why only these cheats count)
Literally every cheat can baim and kill u so there is no more cheat boosted sytuation (u can’t “godmode” anymore vs enemy team while standing in 1 place for whole game) but due to desync we got a lot of luck sytuation where u miss jumping targets or u shoot under min dmg etc etc (that’s why sometimes even otc resolve sk33t or nl and that’s why sometimes even sk33t or nl miss otc) ( that’s the reason why I’m not playing it anymore untill something will change)

Sooo overall

Old hvh = cheat only (u only need brain to make cfg or when u bought one u can don’t use brain to kill all enemy team)

Now hvh = cheat that will make u hit constantly, luck, map knowledge

Yes, I can agree with you. That’s why I mentioned the resolver and nowdays in the thread.

u mad bro?