Loader/Injector feedback

Hello, please post your feedback regarding our loader and injector (please dont mention grammer).
Like how usually cheat loading, how often do you get errors, bugs, etc


I like loader we have, it is simple to download and inject, you don’t need to login, you already logged in, you can only press 1 button and you already injected, it designed very well, how user of this cheat i can see that people really worked on this, not like in others. 1 problem, is that injaction is taking too long, maybe 15-20 seconds, It is don’t really disturbing me, but it give some kinda discomfort. If I needed to rate loader from 1 to 10, i would rate it 9/10.

upd: forgot about errors, they are happening really rarely, i had only 2 errors, 1st bc of faceit ac, 2nd bc of loader issue which is already fixed.

The injector is really good compared to some other cheat injectors. It almost always injects on the first attempt, and when it doesnt, it ALWAYS injects on the second one. The injection has always been instant as for me, although I’ve seen some other users saying that it takes some time to inject for them. Haven’t had any errors except one which happened to everyone yesterday, but it was quickly fixed. Overall I’d rate it 9.5/10.

The injector is cool, with a cool, beautiful and convenient interface. Injecting a cheat is very convenient, the injection itself is very fast. My rating: 9.5 / 10. Work on what there is :slight_smile:

Injector works fine. So far I haven’t encountered any error.

havent had any issue’s

меня всем устраивает инжектор, инжектится всегда с первого раза, единственное что жалко, так это то что, не работает оверлей в дискорде или захват экрана ксго через дискорд

I have an issue that happends when I try to inject. It says “cannot inject neverlose kernal module” and before that it says “error(6)”. I really need help with this and I’ve seen other people have this problem because of vanguard. However, I don’t have vanguard installed so I don’t know what to do.

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The loader works perfectly fine for me no issues so far of using it for 3 days now, the only thing i’ve noticed is that the cheat takes about 15-20 seconds to inject for me, as also stated by @TimTheNoName, other than that the loader is a 9/10 love the design :+1:

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do you have faceit installed @vipgabbe

Injector works very well, with quick injection times and no issues whatsoever. I would like for the option to inject the cheat once ive opened csgo. This is because I can open a modded version of csgo with old weapon sounds and custom models etc.



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Injecting in game would be cool


Very cool injector, the only thing that strains is that the defender Windows swears, and so everything is super. Well it is also purely visual that a second exe file is created

It would be neat to either inject in game or not have to restart steam each time.

So my sincere review is as follows:
The loader itself is excellent I would say, it has a nice design and I like that there are also updates that are written in the loader.
There is only one thing I don’t understand, because there are so many files after opening it, for example:

After all, a really nice loader, nice design and as I said, EXCELLENT!

On the part of the bugs / errors I received only one, the first day with neverlose when the servers were down, moreover I didn’t have any more problems!

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Fixed the Problem via regedit now its working fine for me. Also +rep on Design

not even windows defender?

ive gotten the one on the left because of windows defender