Loader not injecting

i start the loader and then i press inject and nothing happens


Disable anti-virus

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i already did

Try disabling Windows Defender too, If it isn’t launching with any error that’s cause something is blocking it (For me atleast)

i have but its still not loading

and now the loader is broken

Did you try downloading the loader again?


Make a support ticket and see what they say then.

already did about 40 minutes ago

Okay good luck with that then.


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I also failed the injection, it may be my network problem

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Is it working again? There were some issues earlier.




earlier today it was not injecting, but I could inject now. try it now and let us know.

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I have the same problem. Please help, I have already disabled all anti viruses and it just doesn’t work

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L1nxel#0001 contact me i can fix it

NOT still not work :frowning:

its 3 min preparing csgo later will start but not injekt