Missing due to Resolver 60%

Ik im not the 1st one saying that and I also know alpha femboys will come and say, CFG Issue but for real, im missing 6 from 10 Shots due to resolver.

Tried it with different cfgs etc. Thats not normal for an 19€ so update that what ever it is rn.


++ (orange namers) dont comment


It is simple to fix it, dont rush also turn on anim on esp so u can see.

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CFG issue

[icetools] [3] [184/184] Hit :open_umbrella: ihorjankun1 g4skins’s chest for 77(77) (0 remaining) aimed=chest(57%) sp=false (B) LC=13 TC=14
[neverlose.cc] Missed shot due to spread
[icetools] [4] [261/261] Missed -$-'s stomach(51)(47%) due to spread:inaccuracy 1.07°, sp=false (B) LC=12 TC=11
[neverlose.cc] Hurt -$- in the chest for 63 hp (37 remaining).
[icetools] [5] [266/266] Hit -$-'s chest for 63(63) (0 remaining) aimed=chest(29%) sp=false (B) LC=1 TC=7
[icetools] Anti-aim switch due to anti-bruteforce
[neverlose.cc] Hurt -$- in the stomach for 32 hp (5 remaining).
[icetools] [6] [286/286] Hit -$-'s stomach for 32(63) (0 remaining) aimed=chest(45%) sp=false (B) LC=2 TC=14
[neverlose.cc] Missed shot due to spread
[icetools] [7] [312/312] Missed -$-'s chest(63)(45%) due to spread:inaccuracy 0.98°, sp=false (B) LC=12 TC=10
[neverlose.cc] Missed shot due to spread
[icetools] [8] [336/336] Missed -$-'s chest(43)(45%) due to spread:inaccuracy 1.5°, sp=false (B) LC=13 TC=7
[neverlose.cc] Harmed by -$- for 289 hp in head

got one, hit the other one (afk) for 63, then missed all shots and he 1 shot me

all due to spread thats cfg issue

in 1 match (16 rounds) i miss mb 2 shots? would say fix your

You may have met the user of the Extension.lua, the purpose of which is to deceive your shot, cause your shot to be interpreted and predicted, NeverLose.cc - Marketplace? Id = bkrcja This is lua’s browsing address. You can have a look at the color effect he shows.

this NeverLose.cc - 商城 - 脚本"扩展" 请你查阅

I have the same problem Nl resolver misses today or damage 29 scout when min damage +1 ;D


Niggers update this cheat. Russias make so fucking big money and no update since 3 months.

Is it so hard to make a fucking Update for the millions you earn with it?
That is a fact, idfc if ppl say Config issue or whatever JUST UPDATE THE CHEAT you make so much money, then do smth for it.


resolver is fine. you just dont know how to config :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

++ man as i see they dont care the cheat only alpha users chilling with nl we be like : miss miss miss hit miss hit hit hit miss miss miss miss miss miss 100%

? what

playstyle issue

new extended desync exploit nothing you can do until cheat gets updates to the resolver

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how? spread is something intrisic ingame, you cant avoid that.