Most Hated Exploit?

Title says it

personally I hate doubletap so much, it feels like a rapid fire awp, and if you dont use dt then you lose (unless you’re scouting)

doubletap is legit the only exploit available lmao (except hideshots but no one cares about hideshots)

what about fake duck?

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this is really just a paste of my post If anything was to be patched from hvh what would you choose?

my bad didnt realise that post existed

If u create it shows u like “similar topics” maybe u didn’t see it or it didn’t show up (I just think it does^^)

nvm happens.

Mine is fakeduck btw ^^

thats all good I don’t have an issue as long as people are chill about it I just dislike when people are toxic and say who fuckin cares lol


yea i dont really understand why hvhers have to be so toxic and edgy

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fake duck

rapid fire :slight_smile: and 1000ms backtracking thats were the most hated exploits in 2018
in 2016 i hates angels and lisps aa it was hard to hit them

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FakeDuck & AntiBackshoot (Hide shots, silent etc)

Doubletap, fakeduck is annoying too, but i can live with that, its not hard to kill someone FDing anyway if u know how to play, but fucking doubletap is so annoying, requiers no brain or skill, just hit a button and you win anyone without DT.

exactly, awping with no recharge basically

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fake duck


instant dt

Manual teleport. But if you could teleport instantly or further i would like and use it more

doubletap, btw theres already another thread exactly like this. If anything was to be patched from hvh what would you choose?