Need help with a new cfg

So i want a rage cfg for rapid fire and n stuff but i dont know what hit chance or min damage or global or what that tuff means it would be real nice if som1 helped me

Min dmg:
Minimum amount of damage that your cheat aims for when shooting someone

Hit Chance:
The % your cheat will try to hit an enemy

1% → your cheat will shoot fast but will miss alot

100% → your cheat „wont“ miss but you will shoot fairly late

The Cheat will only target the hitboxes you selected

Multipoint / Multipoint scale:
When setting multipoints your cheat will not be limited to only target the center of a hitbox

1% → your cheat targets the direct center of said hitboxes

100% → your cheat will shoot anywhere inside said hitbox but it might miss

You cheat will automatically stop depending on ur selected conditions

if you want you can buy cfg´s on the market
Feel free to try this : - Unique software with a lot of visual functions

Lmfao, make it more expensive (don’t)

Its a privat cfg and its the best for me
You can usw Other ones Thats only the cfg i use

You can also try vitmas cfg

The best config is the one you make, since it is limited to your play style.
I also like vitmas cfg, it fits my play style but i had to change some stuff tho.

Maybe get a free Config and play with it a bit, so you understand what you are doing.

Otherwise TTP did a good job explaining the important stuff.