Neverlose Alpha/Beta

How to get access to neverlose alpha/beta? is it even possible for a nn like me? :slight_smile:

there is a nice article about trustlevels. I guess your trustlevel is member rn, but on this website you can see how to improve your trustlevel on this website and what the requirements for the next one are. the highest one is trustlevel 4. you can only recieve this by being promoted by stuff. there are some rumors that you will recieve the alpha version on this TL. I cant remember the link though sorry <3

Wait i found it. it was once linked under another Topic.

This explains it very good and its said that this applies to this website also.
Take a look, its very interesting.

thank you!:smile:

This trust level system is not related to beta access. Iโ€™ve had trust level 3 (the highest you can reach as a normal user; only staff is higher) and guess what, Iโ€™m not a beta user and never was.

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ah okay then :)))
thx for the info!