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Tell me what you think, second time using it and still n00b xd


The glow and shine on the text is nice but personally I don’t really like the font, looks a little too gothic, also not that sure on the letters outside of the box, they just seem a little out of place, maybe if they weren’t static and faded in/out it’d look more like it’s part of the intro

Tried a new font, and a little camera shake with name, I’ll upload any sec! I personally think this one will be better

I think it looks dope,waitin for the second one! sadly I don’t own neverlose so I cannot really use it lol

New font

How about this, I like this font more

Yeah the 2nd one for me is much better, you should challenge yourself more, the box intro is relatively overused nowadays since every cheat seems to have some form of intro in that format but yeah that ones nicer imo

Thank you! I’m trying to learn :slight_smile:

yeah it’s good mate, we all gotta start somewhere

True! Thanks for the response tho :smiley:

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