Neverlose injecting into game crashes

after it loads up steam and the game i waited like normal for it to inject but once it tries it lags my game and crashes

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CS2 UPDATED. You have to wait for dev to push cheat update. No need to spam forums lol.


i did not realise cs2 updated, sorry i thought it was my end of the problem…

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how long time until fix?

no one knows

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is there some kind of notification when it updated?

i dont know we wait and see

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ye probably

does it work now?


Mine is also down :frowning:

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I also have midnight cheats and it shows updating on the menu do u know how long this update will take ?

gay black devs should make it auto update

ne radi zasto

Not yet

Cs2 updated bro relax

do we get the time of our sub refunded or stopped while its updating?

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I believe they give you back the time on your subscription whilst the cheat is inaccessible, yes.

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yes , i guess