Neverlose is detected... i got banned only in 2 hours

… the first account i cheated on, lasted like 5 days…

while rage cheating in mm, getting reported by everybody and prolly also hitting everybody wallbang

Jul 24

  • newcomer stop it

mad loser, i just have new account, i lost old one, btw im older in neverlose than you. xD it was like 2 years, when there was the fake nl cracked that people got scammed by

?? i was even before that are u dumb lol i was 2k19 in com stop chatting shit u broke pooron stop licking my feet

2019 holy shit can u sign my left tit mr og

Oh my god bro you joined in 2019 you’re such an og player i honor you you are my idol

gimme a pen

no shit, you just made that up because i sad i was more than you, why is your account only 2021?


Your account may be blocked/antrusted/redtrusted for various reasons:

  • Using rage functions on official servers
  • Using untrusted functions on official servers.
  • Using scripts on official servers
  • Too obvious game on official servers

You can also get banned/untrusted/red trust for having accounts that have been banned in the past. This is the so-called General Ban.

thanks ig

LOOOL BRO NEVERLOSE PUBLIC CAME OUT 2022, i used onetap, aimware and not neverlose lol?? make it make sense

i used everything at that time…