Neverlose menu

Right so honestly I feel like never lose menu is way more smooth simple and eye-catching than any other menu by a cheat so far, So I decided to compare it to the most known clear menu cheat so far. GameSense, Which menu is better in your opinion? In my opinion Nerverlose has the best menu as of yet. leave your thoughts down.


Credit to @FoxWare for the pic btw its from his video showcase which if you didn’t check out I would highly advice you to here

Neverlose looks much more professional imo, but the symbols on Skeet menu are iconic


Also, need to consider that the menu is showing your forum username and profile pic. Meaning that the menu of the cheat itself is connected with the forum and not only the loader, By far this is the first cheat that I actually noticed it on.

yeah that’s true I’ve never seen that before, feels like it’s yours

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rifk has exactly the same thing lol

Tbh I’ve never seen the rifk7 menu nor was interested in the cheat as it seems to be unable to hit anything.

fair enough ;0

actually, neverlose’s menu is pretty friendly because you understand the containment of it even at the first look, and when u look at skeet you’ll tell yourself ‘wtf is that bruh xd’

Yeah its the most clean one out there

Cool thing I saw in the Neverlose’s menu is the pictures of the skins in the inventory changer tab. Whole menu looks really user-friendly.

Sk**t is OG. Sadly it got pasted so often that it lost its personality, but neverlose ist just beatiful. Its clean, there is everything you need and it isnt some pasted crap.

Neverlose’s menu is very user friendly and its easy to find stuff,I’ve seen lucky’s gamesense review and to be honest, they both got epic menus. I can’t really tell what I like the most,but I guess I will go with Neverlose’s since I havent really seen menus like it b4.

two completely different ui style

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Indeed but this topic was on what UI is more user friendly easy to use.

both are similar on that

Skeet fanboy

I think that the menu looks more clean but in some parts it looks a little bit empty as they make many sub categories in different sections. Gamesense’s menu is easier to configure since it’s all in its place and there isn’t sub categories.

For example: If ou want to enable the buy bot, in skeet, you would just go to misc / rage (don’t have skeet so I don’t know) and simply press on it as in’s menu you would have to go to misc, buybot and then enable.

I’m not trashing as it has a super clean simple menu. But the blue background doesn’t look that great imo and could be fixed with a simple custom menu background option or change menu colors like aimware v4.

Also’s menu is more user friendly as everything is easily findable, in skeet you would have to go to the esp and look for the chams. Meanwhile in’s case it’s easily findable
10/10 for both menus

neverlose has a very nice menu, I think one of the best

skeet does not have buybot built in, you’ll need a lua for that ^^

#1 cheat’ no shit