Neverlose stuck on "Preparing CS:GO"

Not sure if anyone else is running into this issue. When I run the loader and press start, Neverlose as usually shows the “Preparing CS:GO” text on the loader, except it’s not doing anything. It just seems to be stuck on that process. The loading icon is moving so the loader didn’t crash or anything. I’ve tried reinstalling the loader, turning off my anti-virus, manually starting CS:GO, restarting Steam; nothing is working. If anyone has any idea what the issue is let me know!

I also, am running into the same issue. When redownloading the launcher it took many ages longer than it normally does. Stuck on ‘Preparing CS:GO’. Not sure if this is a server-side issue, or if something is bugged out. Hopefully, someone in maintenance is awake…

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Yeah the loader downloaded at like 20kb/s for me, idk why

Happened to me too.

I’m having the same issue, did you figure out how to solve it?

me too

Same issue. Took 30mins for preparing csgo. Another 1hr for the initialising… to show up, then it was just stuck on that initialising… screen and nothing happened even after 2 hrs…

Can neverlose pls do smth about this?