New Bomb Exploit Teleport in Matchmaking with instant Explode

Hi, some hvh in wingman valve matchmaking are teleporting to bomb site and explode bomb instantly.

send a clip of it.

sure when I got same match as they teleporting when switching to T side. Am zero win… Im dumping also with there AA.

Was the guys name zeroluck??

both of them hide there names… this is the 2nd time with same exploit

Well, I have no idea if its the same guy but my friend has an exploit similar to this so

they teleporting to bomb site, planting with instant explode…

Yeah I’m pretty sure I have an idea how its done, I will respond to this thread if I find out.

thanks bro… Hope in neverlose have same exploit but its not fun actually… but other cheats maybe have this exploit…

Yeah I know a cheat that has auto plant and auto defuse

There’s this video but yea

LMAO Thats my friend

what cheat u used bro on that video.

that’s a skeet lua

Yeah its a lua but he also has a cheat with the same exploit