Nice neverlose

thanks to the neverlose staff for the fact that you can’t fix your cheat in 8 fucking hours, my subscription ended but sofive never got up from the couch


+1 / really dumb tbh. Its either they dont care or cant fix it . Other then waiting there’s nothing to really do as not even complaining helps rn :smiley:

get a life losers

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:clown_face: we will get 12-24hr of time compensation you ape, not sure if you know this but the devs and staff are Russian (8-11 hours ahead of the US), and he also has a family…


You guys are pathetic :joy: Do you not own a single different game you can play while you wait? Feigning that hard over HVH of all things, maybe go touch grass or kick rocks or something since you guys only own CSGO.


stop crying ok? other cheats are alos not working, so stfu and have patience. u shud thank neverlose that they extend your sub when its down unlike skeet or onetap

shameless nn


well said

Yall should wait on ot they waiting like 12 hours for fix

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i mean i see why ur mad bc ur sub ended but no need to be a bitch about it they might be giving us a real update this time so just wait cant hvh u overweight?


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:



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yo other cheats is working, but nl no :smiley:

U should fucking shame yourself :confused: they are fixing it and devs have a life too but u guys omg… touch grass some grass nn

I just bought my sub, so the time is not going to go right?

yes it is indeed annoying but we gotta understand the coder too. they got a family to take care of and other personal matters not just sitting at their desk and coding

you will get a 12h-24h compesation. probably

true, but it most likely doesn’t take long at all to fix, and also we’re paying 20 euro a month so would expect a fairly fast update at least

Hi to the people that complain this is vac change so it take longer people trying to fix it all day but so far non got it working they valve add retaddr checks in lates update so yeah it proble take a bit off time to get it working agien so go play some think else and have a great day

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who tf are u even talking to and who even asked u something dumbass. I dont even HVH with this cheat , i ve been at fucking school and at the gym for the day , came back home and played fifa but ur too damn close minded to try “roasting” people other than maybe use ur brain and shut up . I asked because i was in the mood for some matchmaking games w some of my friends and the cheat didnt work