NL crashes game instead of injecting


yesterday, when i started NL and the “updating steam” window popped up, it just kept loading
forever, so i pressed the cancel button, and started NL once again.

It then told me, that it is already running, and i have to restart the computer.
I just shut it down because i had to go anyway.

Today it works like always until the start menu when the NL menu is supposed to come up,
but instead it just crashes the game.

I swear I did not switch any settings or some shit, playing was the last thing i did yesterday,
and the first thing i tried today, after starting. s/o please help me

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Roll back the windows version and update visual C++ and restart pc

wym roll back the windows version

and visual c++ redistributable is always up to date. restarted pc like 10 times already

I tried everything i have 21H1 version it gives me blue screen. I tried 20H2 version it crashes csgo. Nothing helps man.

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wait update

nothing helps for me either

i can just hope the update comes soon, i cant play since 3 days

it’s been 4-5 days for me. can’t play either.