Nl do not open steam

hi, i have a problem bc when i start nl and its opening i click load but noting loading rr pc didnt help its a 2rd day of this error yesterday was the same if someone know what is happening pls help. (im using starlink if this information help u)

try this

  1. delet the cheat from you pc
  2. restart your pc
  3. download the cheat
  4. close steam if its open
  5. start the cheat
  6. wait

i tried this 4 times

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maybe firewall or windows defender ?

nah all turned off broski

Still haven’t solved the problem?

still idk what happened, but i see at the forum not only me have the same problem i think its nl problem. but who knows they not responding to my ticket. windows defender off firewall also antivirus as well, i deleted from pc nl then i reboot pc, again download and still didn’t work. its look like small window opening and there is “cs2 will be automatically opened” for a few seconds after this noting happening its be if i didnt open nl i can normally open steam itd.

Same thing bro

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I fixed the bro. I deleted a third-party antivirus that was turned off six months ago. Interestingly, everything worked a week ago

i will try today bro

cheat is down right now since cs2 update