NL HVH sucks rn

U constantly get tapped, AA basically lets everyone hit heads, Rage misses legit no AA no nothing players, It just sucks rn we really need some fixes. And it even misses 100% hit shots. NL really needs to get fixed or get better.

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teryasia nahui

Sounds like a cfg issue, im not missing anything

I think so too, I aced twice against five stack cheaters.
Don’t forget in CS2 the one who is peaking got the advantage.

every config I tried.

well maybe thats the obv problem? dont use random configs. make your own

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I am configing them myself after I get them

Pls add me on discord: burpburp.

I would like to see what you are talking about

still the problem.
Try: Config → New Config → Cfg it yourself.

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