Nl is trash

Nl is actually big shit. Free cheat are better than nl. Imagine.

then go use luckycharms retard
nice cfg

suck me

trash? cheat not updated 6 months! 6! :pensive: and he still kills and even very well :fire:(although he misses the resolver)

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its for that ! that fucking missed dut to resolver

Hey I’m not here to shit talk or anything but can you show scout settings?

joindate issue
skill issue
cfg issue

Literally got 2 and 3 kd lmao without trying

yes monkeys think they can +w in the current state of hvh so they make threads like these

Yeah I agree so much. I know people who say it is shit constantly but they will rebuy the sub every month because they can’t find a better cheat. Then they get some shit like fatality and they think because it is a private cheat it will be good then they realize they can’t find a cheat they do better with than nl so they always end up rebuying.

Public user issue

you talking to much for nn

ur so known…

Imagine saying this because I missed a couple of shots.