No enemies for [4K] | hvh highlights

First media with neverlose;)


:slight_smile: I was in that game good media bro

I don’t really enjoy so much shaking on the screen, it gives me a headache,but I guess it’s just me. Like every 2 seconds there’s a shake

IDK, I asked some people opinion, they told me to do with shakes … Anyways thanks for your opinion.

Yep, I remember you :smiley:

Very sick media and edit :+1:

xD Well then do you now


The first clip is insane, dope!

ty m8


aight i see, cool media man, well done with the music, a little tip from me try to do less twitch effects and make them a little cleaner with more transitions

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Oof. Got kids foaming at the mouth :stuck_out_tongue:

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nice media tnx for useing awp and sharing :ok_hand:

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thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome media, I like the shaking, but I recommend to do less of it.

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