๐ŸŒƒ NOSPREAD | CFG for Premier | 30k+ ELO | by dameku | 0.85 NLE ONLY

:sparkler: The best Config for No-Spread / Premier!!!
:heart::warning:This config is suitable for aggressive play, all types of weapons are configured in cfg. If you have any problems, pm (notdameku)

Try & see yourself the results :magic_wand:

M3 - Third Person [Toggle]
CAPSLOCK - Quick Peek Assist [Hold]
M5 - Min. Damage Override [Toggle]
X - Duck Peek Assist [Hold]
Z - Left Manual AA [Toggle]
C - Right Manual AA [Toggle]
H - HitChance Override [Toggle]
:warning:Itโ€™s highly important to customize all keybindings to match your buttons or use mine. Many settings are linked to a single key!


clean and good

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