Opinion on HvH cheats

What is your opinion about the current performance of all HvH cheats?
What do you think is the biggest issue causing them to be bipolar?

I think that right now the most stable cheat is Neverlose,the resolver is p100. After that it would be either skeet or ev0lve. Alot of the cheats have problems with the resolvers.

Also do you think that OTC should die,or people should keep fixing it?

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Doubletap is oof, changed hvh completely.

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otc will never die there adding addons for it LOL

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wait what lol

All big cheats is very similar right now. The biggest issue is definately doubletap. Seriously it changed everything. If you have a cheat with good DT (example ev0), AWP is useless for you. Ofc I think OTC should die, cause kids with OTC is really annoying.


I agree

totally agree. but i hate these sweaty try hard awp kids who jump around the map and only baim everyone. Then they think theyre a big namer bcs they baimed everyone with a 1-shot weapon. smh

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hvh cheats worth trying : neverlose,ev0lve,gs but with 1337 private luas that also cost money and could be even viewed as standalone cheats with gs as private base for $20/m

other cheats can’t do shit rn i tap them with a fucking memesense sittin on legit aa(opposite), both otc and ot shoot to fakes(ot doesn’t even fix after miss decent amount of times), otc shooting 999 bullets to it and makes their users angry af

biggest issues are awall/mp/fl damage/general optimization, resolver logic. cheats do too much traces to calc damage instead of doing 1 most important with some exceptions, especially if they need to trace for example boxes from ct spawn to pit fps drops to 10-30 on any machine


but you can doubletap to their hands/legs so i think fair enough, also it can’t fight double+ peeks, etc, depends on situation and skills of players

you sir are very very right. You got some good knowledge

i believe that the hvh scene is a good thing! it keeps most cheaters away from legit players. I think the biggest issue is either the resolver or the fake angles performance. OTC is my only cheat (i have never had the money for a sub before, thats why i applied for beta here) so I think it should continue to be fixed. A lot of people have the same experience that I do. Its nice to have a free cheat thats actually decent enough to allow for competition.

OTC does not deserve a place in the community anymore,simply because only certain people are able to fix it and the chances of them ratting you is higher than you think. I’ve used OTC for alot of time until I bought ev0lve and onetap,but the point is that you would prefer to get a paid cheat and be safe and not count on somebody to fix OTC all over again.

Also getting in NeverLose’s beta,I’m sure you will have to pay for the cheat.

its good to have a decent crack out there for new players that dont wanna spend money yet

it isn’t good to have a crack, it’s good to have a free cheat thats trustworthy and safe to use by everybody who can’t spend money, OTC cetainly isn’t safe.

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i wish fakeangles back, without fakeduck and dt at all
also i want the cheat again to hit head. i didnt test neverlose yet but on fatality or onetap and others i only go baim coz the cheats getting more and more optimized for dt this is retarted

yeah all cheats are going for the dt baim, I’m hitting alot of head with onetap tho

some kind of true

DT or else you are fucked. Not a fun thing. Fakeduck is meh. OTC is always getting ratted. Getting invites is basically impossible if you just started and only have OTC even tho you are doing well. P2W overall.

Lol thats true, OTC is still good tho lol