Opinions on modern hvh

Hey, I’ve been hvhing on and off far too long and I’ve seen a lot change. I think current day hvh is too reliant on exploits, seems like every other cheat cannot perform unless it’s inside a community hvh server. That also being said Neverlose Customers; have you hvh’d in normal mm and how was your experience? Neverlose looks like it’s built to win, not to exploit and I’m honestly myself looking forward to applying when the chance comes.

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i think more dependent on your game style and play

I fucking hate doubletap. Besides that it’s pretty ok.

its alright its just the awps that i don’t like


It is really annoying to have someone come just dt u to death, but even cheats that don’t have dt can perform well against doubletappers, I currently don’t even use dt I just go for head

If spin good shoot good win game yes

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Well i only experienced “OG HvH” for a very short time but todays HvH is kinda dumb doubletap is hell because you have to use it because other people use it and it is very good for peeking someone first because you need to this because nobody is fkn peeking anymore and then people 1w and fd like theres no tommorow and it is counting on playstyle very much but other than that it is sometimes very fun still

I’ve mm hvh’ed a fair amount with neverlose over the past 3-4 days (over 20 games of hvh) and I can say that it performs better than most out there, obviously I came across a lot of OTC users as to be expected but a good otc cfg and hit neverlose pretty easily (due to the anti-aim being sub par imo) but it rips head easily

I honestly dont really dislike modern HvH but it could be improved alot by removing some exploits like doubletap and hideshots. It would be really cool seeing everyone to start to use fakelag again.

Play style is key now not cheat provider


i love dt ez kill ahah 1’d

2019-2020 is okay the only people that complain about is the boomers that cant adapt to the new playstyle or retards that wanna act like that know anything about that era of hvh

today the only difference is playstyle and lua’s/js

Current meta is pretty boring with dt but makes for a more fun experience as you can move around more as your play style matters the most. But if i had to pick between old fake angles and desync would pick fake angles any-day.

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Only DT baim, luas became a big part of the meta for some even a necessity, only edging (hiding body & / or head) playing AWP.
Generally having a passive playstyle is annoying.
That’s why I think I’ll going back to CSS raging

[and also fakelag is dead]

mmhvh is easier than community tho. Either way i never get good spinners against me in mm. Could just be me.

I think it’s kinda boring

Decent resolver that can baim and a good dt

Each and every hvher I met are more entitled than the whole DBD community

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modern hvh is the lowest it can go who ever invented doubletap,fakeduck must be so low
lets take good old 2017 hvh days
those were 100x better no dt no fd no onecrack users