🩸 phoenix's hvh cfg - become the owner of the 1v1⑅2v2 hvh scene

༺this config will truly take your gameplay to a whole another level༻
゚☾。 it was made by myself entirely from start to finish without any flaws
゚☾。 the ragebot has been tweaked and improved over-time to absolute perfection
゚☾。 it dominates anyone in combination with a variety of luas
゚☾。 the visuals have an agressive look, mainly being gray and playing around with some red tones
゚☾。 it is truly the best price-quality ratio and the best possible experience for just 5 nle
.°*”˜ ˜”°.°”˜ ˜”°.°”˜ ˜”°.°”˜ ˜”°.°”˜ ˜”°.°”˜ ˜”°.°”˜ ˜”°.°”˜ ˜”°.°”˜ ˜”°.°”˜ ˜”°.°”˜ ˜”.°*”˜
:spider_web: config: 𓆩🕸️꒷hvh cfg by phoenix꒷🕸️𓆪

:spider_web: my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZCPa67SYW0RDUY5VfRa4MA

:spider_web: my discord: wxxv.