Please fix

I am not undermining, but you guys need to fix your cheat.
I am not missing due to spread (config issue).
I am missing due to resolver and prediction error.
Also u need to fix the backtrack.


hey hey uhh i think its a let me put it like a somewhat of a thing that i called a particular matter of something that reminded me of a little thing of a smaller thing know as a bigger deal jointed with a problem with a failure of a know issue with a different issue affiliated with your cfg cheat is fine get better brain

bro the update will be in 2023 so please don’t make this topics it won’t help the cheat

fix ur iq :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Backtrack is good? I hit 25-35 ticks all the time
Cheat can be improved a lot though, but it’s easily top 3 anyways



my iq is fine thanks. the cheat has many problems with resolver/prediction

backtrack is fine 90% of time. but sometimes it just doesnt shoot the backtrack (very rare)

Then thats probably because you dont have high enough hitchance or they’re just not resolved

ya ya the cheat is fine rn dont know why u crying

if u dont shoot backtrack then it means ur enemy is breaking lagcomp omfg

holy shit you are dumb


are you retarded or what

dont buy this cheat then
kind regards your father that isn’t coming back.

top 3? its top 1