Premier MM #1 HVH [RapidFire + Nospread] | 50 KDA

Unlock your true potential with my optimized config - the key to dominating every game. With expertly tailored settings for maximum kills and unparalleled performance, victory is not just a possibility, it’s inevitable. Elevate your gameplay, ascend to the top spot every time.

Mouse5 - High Min Damage
Mouse4 - Low Min Damage
Mouse 3 - Third Person

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Uptade #5

  • Fully Reworked
  • Fixed issue with multipoints and min dmg

16.03.2024 22:06

BEST Berforming CFG at the moment. Dominating HVH scane with 30K+ ELO
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Updated #6

Configs CS2 Configs English #

This is why i have the TOP1 CFG on NEVERLOSE !


Update #7

Immproved Anti-Aim
Improved Multipoints
Improved RageBot
Improved Histroy

:warning:Safe to use with “Safe Mode” Disabled!

  • Improved Anti-Aim
  • Improved Ragebot settings
  • Improved Poinscale
  • Improved HC
  • Small Changes to Visuals
  • Fully ReBuild for the NEW META

:warning:Do not use features such as Anti Aims & FOV 180° without Force Perfect Silent to avoid getting a temporary VAC lock!

:warning:REMEMBER: (You need to have “Safe Mode” turned off if you want to use Anti Aim / Manual Anti Aim / Rapid Fire!)
“Safe Mode” can be disabled in the Miscellaneous tab, in the bottom right corner of the menu!