🧊 Premium Lua [Radiance.Technology]

Have you been looking for a lua for a comfortable game on the public \ 2x2 \ 5x5 for a long time? :timer_clock:
Then I present to you the lua Radiance.Technology this lua is very easy to set up and use, if you are a beginner, you can easily figure out the setup. :dizzy:
If something is not clear to you, then you can always contact the contacts below. :revolving_hearts:

:ice_cube: Main config by :crown: Str1x :crown: ˚. ΰ­­ Λšβ—‹ [NEW UPDATE] :no_entry::billed_cap:

:gift:Radiance.Technology ~ Live

:drop_of_blood:Radiance.Technology ~ Beta

For questions:
Str1x#2258 (dormantaimbot)
Discord server

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0815 lua

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