Random crashes

paying $30 per month for this cheat to just crash at
random times :smiley:



yes now is rly shit

im in Canada so yes 32 dollars

wtf hapen to nl it was good now sometims website go brra now cheat wtf is hapening staff ?

i can’t launch neverlose now

crashed and never loaded

I also crashed just now, and I can’t inject

I am also so dissatisfied

Is updateing the cheat that is why all the time u get crash IS working on the cheat stop load and wait

rnm 退钱!!!!

Your all using potato computers thats why, There is always shit interfering with it.

Luas is the most common solution - Check which luas do what etc.

Secondly, I’ve not crashed once with NL and I’ve got a good computer.
Perhaps rethink what your saying before posting idiotic posts.