Resolver or config problem?

So today in the morning I was blasting everybody and was on top in few different servers, then suddenly the resolver stops working and my scout doesn’t shoot, then again back to normal, and sometimes it doesn’t react at all, it just doesn’t shoot, I don’t think its a config problem because I’m hitting perfect with it, it just that sometimes the weapon doesn’t even shoot, what do you think ?,

the problem is the resolver, but a bunch of defenders with the orange name will come saying that the problem is their cfg, with the cfg issue argument. so much that I didn’t renew

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I knew it’s something with the cheat, because I’m hitting perfect and my playstyle is pretty nice, also happens with other configs too so you can’t say its the config, (even with bhop’s config)

Yeh resolver need update :roll_eyes:

You can download an older log lua and you will see if it types missed due to resolver then is cheat problem, if you are missing due to spread is cfg issue…

Even if it is a resolver issue, this hack is 20 times better than shittap

kfg issue + cs:go costumer instead of csgo invited


Миссать по ресику может и из-за кфг, нужны нормальные сеты на оружие и пенить будет, врубаешь?

Я не думаю что это так работает… зачем тогда ресольвер?

Это работает именно так, уж что правда, то правда

Ну ок. Буду знать