Resolver problem v2



slow walk with knife at same level insane!

why would that matter?

ill upload a clip of neverlose missing on a higher and lower platform for you
and make sure hes holding his gun out and make sure hes not slow walking just for you
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

ok? so stop bitching show your settings and dont assume instant cheat issue i dont think i have seen anyone dump like this unless their config is shit and seeing as you are 3rd world language i can see that being true

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im not a third worlder first off its another video of someone else dumping at a higher elevated platform (Because you needed to see it).

so why are you posting other people missing and reporting it for your self ?? just shut up and stop bitching about missing in desync

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almost 80% of the people on this forum are from a foreign country other than the us I would assume 20% of the people on this forum are from the us some not even having neverlose because of paymaster. This is all assumptions I don’t know the stats I’m assuming as this cheat is based in Europe and so is there payment method (unless you go through a reseller which there all European anyways.

because i would rather do something else with my time then go on a 1v1 match and test a resolver for a cheat that prob wont even get updated or get changed after this. because everyone on this forum cant have a open mind due to their egos.

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just because its not happening to you doesnt mean everyone else isnt having the same problem
i have tried 6 different configs and made my own and it still misses to resolver. if you were to look around at other posts people are saying 95% of peoples configs have gone from good to worse.

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that is way too much for me to want to waste my time to read so im just gonna say lol and leave idk why you write a book on a cheat forum gl with that!

waste of time? you cheat on csgo tell me what else is a waste of time

ill post a video of me missing to luckycharms and dorksense

i play csgo for like 3 hours a day when i get off work def isnt a waste of time

damn missing 2 fully working cheats that are both pay to cheats? insane!! what are you expecting from a cheat go inject onetap go inject skeet literally anything and you will miss idk what you are getting at

luckycharms isnt paid neither is dorksense tomorrow my friend youll see

lc has a paid option and i never even used or heard of dorksense so i dont know

lc’s paid option is for legit players it adds all the legit features