Retro Reborn | Free Config

I am here to introduce Retro Reborn it was a series on the old NL Versions and it was super popular, so I am here to release the free version

I hope you guys enjoyed please read the description as it contains the slow walk lua that is required


Free - - Marketplace - Config "👑Retro Reborn | Free👑"

Paid - - Marketplace - Config "🔮Retro Reborn🔮"

Contact me here if you need help :slight_smile: 1o1vfx#0001

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best config no kap✔
Own all the nn’s :ok_hand:

ong brother :pray:


Tempus Torrent: Marksman Rifle

This hard-hitting DMR from the Tempus Armament offers the versatility of the M4 Platform and the velocity and impact of 7.62 rounds. A patient hand and keen eye will result in on-target shots and quick kills.

  • Can be acquired via Weapon Challenge or Store Bundle.

Weapon Balancing

» Assault Rifles «

STB 556

  • Added minimum damage against Armor (limits bullets to kill at furthest range)

» Light Machine Guns «


  • Reduced far range damage

  • Small increase to close range damage

  • Reduced headshot damage

  • Reduced upper torso damage

  • Increased recoil

P UPDATE Will play soon i swear



:frowning: bought the paid one, ahh but can’t use it cus cheat not loading :frowning:

im getting reports on that too for me its working fine but people in my discord are having issues i recommend restarting your computer and make sure your antivirus is off

oh since you bought make sure you join the discord to get all the script configs:D