Review of yonens review

Legitbot X/10

  • I have never used it but it lacks features and doesn’t seem to be on the level of 20 euro cheat in comparison to cheats like onetap, aimware or gamereaper which costs 8 eur.

In this section, you see Yonens completely retarded opinion of the legitbot.
Ass we all know, neverlose is flawless, that also includes the legitbot
Opinion invalid

Ragebot General 7/10

ragebot is very good in comparison to free cheats like LuckyCharms, EzFrags, Osiris and Legendware source after you compile it.
It might be slightly better than what Aimware has so for 20 euro cheat not too bad.

Here, we once again see Yonen trying to accurately portray the current state of the neverlose ragebot
And once again, I must inform you that the clown is completely incorrect in his statement
Ragebot is way goodest than aimware, and is clearly the superior choice.
Opinion invalid

Resolver 6.5/10

I do indeed hit head with this cheat a lot, it’s crazy. At least on players without anti-aim.
On anti-aiming players, i almost always hit the onshot head when needed, unless they’re hiding shots, then the cheat will try to onshot but never hit it.

In the resolver section, yonen expresses his opinion about shooting head
You see, yonene doesn’t actually go for head, so he just had to make something up for this section
(Even though it includes lying about the super software neverlose)
Yonens config has been stolen from him multiple times in the past, and under close examination, has shown that head was never enabled on scout nor auto
Opinion invalid

Prediction 10/10

It doesn’t exist so i can only assume that because this cheat was intended to be the best, the prediction also would be great if it was a feature in this cheat.

Prediction is perfect
Opinion VALID

Minimum Damage 3/10

Coder did not know that it’s a good idea to prefer body when enemy is 20hp but it’s fine, maybe not all cheat providers wish to hardcode so the cheat would prefer baim on lethal.

  • I cannot find “baim on lethal” feature in menu which is very unfortunate.*
    This problem only occurs whenever enemy shoots, if the enemy players head is towards you, the cheat will attempt to go for head around 80% of the time even if the player is 5hp.
    When using mindamage 100 (HP) or HP+1, cheat refuses to shoot 90hp enemies on stomach sometimes, i think that’s because it wishes to shoot head instead.
  • In general, minimum damage is very inconsistent, i don’t know, it’s probably ignored 80% of the time no matter what you make it.*

In this very long paragraph, Yonen clearly tries to undermine the superior coding of reis
Opinion invalid

Anti-aim 11/10

Anti-aims are very good if you’re playing against legits, they almost never hit your head.

  • Against ragers, you can disable anti-aim or use it so your head is behind your body.*
  • I don’t think the anti-aims are all that useful right now, especially in air and when running.*

I have never been shot in the head using neverlose.softwares
Opinion invalid

Fakelag 5/10

It’s nothing special, you cannot sync it with server neither enable any conditions.
It does not have fluctuate or alternative options, you will have to buy onetap or skeet to use those fancy fakelag features.

I had a seizure reading this. Fakelag is flawless and insane in 5 different ways
Never in my life, have I had above 60 FPS using neverlose. Works flawlessly
Opinion invalid

Animations 4/10

I don’t know if the developers know what interpolation means but it’s very useful.

  • ESP does frequently have a stroke when players are fakelagging.*
  • Also local animation fix is on the level of free cheat, you can try a fast jitter using lua, if it’s fast enough, you will not even be able to see the entire jitter in local animation.*
  • Basic legfckers also perfectly work to help you experiment the accuracy of animations.*
    Or you can use a console command in local server.

Opinion invalid

Visuals 7/10

They’re not the best if you ask me but they do work, enable box ESP and it will render a box around the player. Visuals are far from equal to cheats like skeet and ev0lve.

  • I’m not a fan of the visual style at all but they’re still acceptable.*
  • I use cytex’s luascript because i like his skeet-like visuals way more.*
    Put on your glasses you fatass, visuals are insane, and make me hit more PEE
    Opinion invalid

Lua API 9/10

Very good but a little bit weird in comparison to gamesense’s API.

  • The docs could be better in my opinion, i can specify in what way if anyone wants me to.*
    You wont find better docs
    Opinion invalid

Misc 8/10

Everything works as intended. Autostrafer could be more “multi-directional”, faster at strafing backwards and sideways as well as also faster to turn on sv_airaccelerate 100.

  • Autopeek could have a dlight instead, this ring thing looks way too basic and boring.*
    All of your points have been fixed in alpha
    Opinion invalid

Inventory Changer 10/10

Very good, works perfectly and never had any issues with it, besides that on one Steam account of mine that has tons of skins where inventory changer items would not apply to the inventory at all.
I have never used the inventory changer, as I am too rich, and buy any knife I want on my accounts.
Opinion un-contested

Ending Speech (You rate this, not me)
Completely stupidity. Neverlose does not require an update, and never will. Resolver has been perfectly tuned, to always be the best, and no more updates are required
Opinion invalid

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