Rust account for neverlose sub

As the title says, I’d like to trade a rust account full access for a neverlose sub.
steam profile:
discord: illusion#4763

might not be a fair trade idk, but maybe someone would like to do it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know if any reseller would accept that.
Also, don’t trust anyone that is not a official reseller.

why no1 want trade:

  • rust is worth 8 euro:

  • you can recovery account
  • if you don’t have money for sub just dont buy it…
    and aslo idk what idiot i’ll trade for this…

first of all you’d need a credit card from that country in order to even add the money to begin with. Also in the post I legit said it might not be fair but if someone wants to do it I’m up for it. your post didn’t help with anything and was legit useless

nah you dont need card, make new steam account or make method (public method from Ghunter)
stop try just close useless thread

If you don’t think the trade is fair then don’t fucking trade? Nobody fucking asked you to do it, god damn how stupid are you. Also I made a steam acc and I had to add a credit card from that country in order to get the prices from that region


Like i’d wait and waste my time buying giftards. Yikes bro

Know any paypal reseller that doesn’t charge way more than the sub costs?


Did his credit card start working? on the previous streams he said neverlose didn’t accept his credit cards

anyone know this guy? he tried faking being the reseller but I have too high iq to get scammed like that