Self Made Neverlose Discord Theme (Unoffical)

Hey, today I bring you my self made discord theme for Never lose. It is unofficial, Like my other theme this one looks way better, And self-made obv I used the same base but changed it quite a bit. Enjoy you need better discord for it.

Place in AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\themes

// Updated. 29/4, Made chat transparent


Very handy when there is no Discord server :thinking:


Looks nice sezu!

Kinds looks dope I like it, but how you do that? Since when can u create discord themes lol?

you take a base and edit the CSS codes, The ROOT is the main thing where you change stuff in, I took quite a piss after working on it for 3 hours and fucking it up. might rework it soon again and post a better one

ima rework this soon again I kind of rage posted it

And how can you install such an design? I’m on phone it’s probably easy but I’m asking to be sure :upside_down_face:

Plz give me invite i ma a good cfg maker

you need betterdiscord

Ah ok thank you

I like, i dont like the Apex thing, make high contrast with the red

thats hella cool m8

dank ill use that thx men

That’s the actual theme on the website so.

выглядит красиво

you expect me to start drawing anime wifus on there

Bruh do that please



depends what it is and if I will be able to do it I broke my head yesterday on this one as simple as it looks