Should I will make a Ev0lve vs NEVERLOSE video

so have ev0lve, and want to make a 1v1 video, would any one of you guys with a NEVERLOSE account want to 1v1 me ? I have a youtube channel with 10k subs. Would really appreciate it.


channel url?

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Should be a few that will. Just get a url going lad.

neverlose is better rn. its not necessary cause we all know the truth :wink:

btw i can help you tho. Panic#9852

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And you are who exactly? never heard of you, would be cool if you could post ur channel url in here maybe

go ahead

ev0lve hitting neverlose fakes if done properly already did it on my vid

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yeah sure guys make some videos vs ev0 and skeet and onetap maybe helps so well man

Sure go ahead.

neverlose on top

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