Someone gift me sub for neverlose cause i cant afford it ;D

Someone gift me sub pls im need sub to play hvh xd

me too!

go gift mcdonalds 2 hours of your time and then you can afford it


i would but ive already bought a bunch of people subs

go work men

let me be the last one ._.

go work like everybody else do, ur mamma never teached u about how life works? u can’t ask people for money all the time.

:skull: :skull:

hmmmmm if you really want it add me on discord we can talk about it there bc its just more convenient Rift#1833

dont do it rift


but im nice person

Soon you will be nice person with no home. Don’t buy random ppl subs smh

lmao, what should i make my discord tag?

is that real olvaro

always :crab:

if you give sub then i believe hahaah

funny man