Add a suggestions category.

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There is one for people that have access to the cheat.

What about people who don’t have access to the cheat. I have a few suggestions for the forums and the cheat but I think it will get overlooked so it would be pointless.

I don’t think you can give valid points without actually trying out the cheat… It will be really inaccurate and that’s the main reason I assume its not going to happen

The suggestion wouldn’t really be about the rage or legit, for example one of the things that I wanted to suggest is adding a skin changer that allows you to pick a skin for another weapon for example gamma doppler ak47 or dragon lore desert eagle. Also some suggestions to the forums not only the cheat.

Yeah… that’s sounds horrible, I don’t see a point suggesting stuff if you are not a user of the cheat. You need to try it to understand what suggestions need to be made

Most of the suggestions would be pointless but atleast forum suggestions shouldn’t be private.

there is no forum suggestions

Well there is a reason behind this post xd, its not only a request for cheat suggestions or just forum suggestions its just for general suggestions. Some suggestions might be good and some might be bad

Yeah forum suggestions could be usable need to specificity be forum suggestions though

You never know, sometimes you can find a diamond in the mud?

I guess there is forum suggestion or at least a website support? Maybe you can put suggestion in there.