how do we see the template?

  1. Information about yourself:
    other nicknames (if any), age, country of residence
  2. Your PC specifications:
    CPU, GPU, RAM, Windows version, etc.
  3. Social links:
    links to your YouTube channel, discord, forums (UnKnoWnCheaTs, etc)
  4. Your experience of playing with other cheats (rage and legit), also put links to your profiles
  5. Your coding skills(if any) and cheats scripting experience(if any)(please post public links)
  6. What do you know about Neverlose:
    How did you find out about our cheat; name any users who can vouch for you (if any).
  7. What can you provide for our project:
    How can you be useful to our community, what useful skills do you have, etc.
  8. Extra information (Optional):
    Any other information you might think is useful for us to know

This was the template from the last wave

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