The loader problem with Hwid

Hello Guys.
I have a problem with hwid and Loader
I opened ticket and the Administrator reset my hwid.
Then I download a new loader and inject
But First,It said kernel error
I opened the loader again.It said:Session expiration.
I re-downloaded the loader,but when i inject it,it said My hwid changed again.
Now i need to reset my hwid again
But These operations are all done on the same computer.
I tried reset my PC,But it doesn’t do anything.
I’ve wasted my two days of subscription for this issue.(Sad)
Please help me.

I’ve wasted my 14 days of subscription for this issue.

I have this problem to. Did you find the solution?

Maybe you have something updated during the reboot, which causes the hwid error.
Try resetting a second time, if you have problems again, open a ticket at “client support” and explain your situation
Don’t worry about days, after a successful reset you will get your days back.

I advise you to check all installed programs, maybe you use some spoofer and so on

Did you fix this?

I reinstalled the system and hoped this would work

Now i’m waiting the Administor reset my hwid


OK.I will try it.

No.the problem still in inject
i try reboot reinstall redownload but they don’t work
i think maybe i need buy a new account for neverlose
it’s too bad.