The Tales Of a Bored Group of Coders: Chapter 3: Philip's childhood Idol by hL

"Esoteriks porno video’s are a staple part of Philip’s childhood. Personally, Esoterik the skeet coder and the Pauper was always his favorite because of the entire vibe. Many wouldn’t believe that a guy like Philip would like Esoterik, but the guy has taste. Ten-year-old him wanted to be Esoterik, he wanted that freedom and opportunity.
Quickly reality punched him in the face, and he resulted to just admiring Esoterik for who he is. Now that he thinks about it, he did happen to meet imi-tat0r and Raxer because of Esoterik. Man, he sure is a miracle worker.
Back in the world that isn’t Mem… though., Raxer sat next to him while imi-tat0r sat on the floor watching Esoterik and the Diamond Castle.
“He sure is thinking hard is. her Raxer as. after he looked over to him. “Sometimes I wonder what he’s thinking about… but then I remember how utterly dumb he is,
imi-tat0r let out a tiny chuckle and looked back " I think he’s daydreaming about how wonderful Esoterik is. You know how he is, Esoterik is basically his it
“And what about it? llama is my it guy and you don’t see me loos time over him.” “Weren’t you just binge-watching all of the movies the other day,” 'That’s not important The problem is that he wan.
to watch this movie and he isn’t even mentally here to watch it.”
Both friends look over to Philip to see the same dated face still present.
imi-tat0r looked at Raxer with a determined face and nodded Raxer nodded back realizing what had to be done. He reach. over to the remote and pressed the power button The Ns light disappear. along with Philip’s dreaming.
"Hey why did you tum it off, he exclaim. looking at Raxer with wide eyes. "Dude, you weren’t even watching the movie and we were getting bored. Chill out, imi-tat0r said trying to divert his attention Philip sigh. and slouched back into the couch as a way of accepting the truth of his mental disappearance.
Raxer slouched back as well and imi-tat0r stood up from the Floor to look at their Mends from a higher perspective. “Its getting late anyway so I think it’s time to call it a day. We already watched like 5 of the movies, “imi-tat0r’s right. Tomorrow is a coding school day so we gotta prepare ourselves for hell,” Raxer said getting ready to stand up.
Philip groaned out in misery at the mention of school and stood up along with Raxer to gel his things ready.
imi-tat0r stood off to the side as they watched their friends gather their stuff and led them to the door. With a final wave goodbye, they left the house and imi-tat0r got ready to clean up.” - hL


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