This is weird

Hello please tell me what u think about this.

So I wanted to play on my Smurf again and I saw my lvl and mm games (lvl 3 and mm 0) but I had prime (I still have) and had 17mm wins and we’re llv 7/8. So is this possible to derank in level? I mean I heard u can lose ur wins but level? I have still green trust factor and now I can rank in new again lol? I we’re silver 2 (bought that account with full access) and played him up sem. Now just wingman wins are there haha

So tell me if this is even possible? I mean I played soloq or with randoms Everytime.

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You can derank ranks from losses but you can never lose a level

Obviously u can lol there was no profile changer on and now I have 21hour ban again

You got backtracked so hard you went back a rank

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