So guys, this tips are here for some people with bad configs etc…

If you are fighting as scouter vs awper DONT slowwalk!
Just override your minimum damage to 5 and quick peak that guy holding E (Legit AA) Awper prob wont shoot.

This tip is for beginners so dont hate me for putting it in here.
So if you are getting ONSHOTTED almost every time just use Hide Shots, it makes your ticks un bactrackable when ur head goes up when u shoot.
ONSHOT - When you shoot ur head is going up, it can be bactracked and headshoted, thats the reason its called ONshot.

3.Peaked more times and didnt shoot?
That guy must be using Low Delta or Anti Brute ! FORCE BAIM IT!

  1. I suggest using jittered aa to make ur head less chance to get hitted.
    You get it by going into ur aa setteings , Fake Angles, set right limit 0 and left 5 or right 5 left 0

Hope this helped some of you guys!
Stay Safe!