To the staff

Hey! I’ve been HvHing from early 2017 and I recently found out about this cheat, maybe 2 weeks ago. I’ve watched pretty much every single video on Youtube, about this cheat and I’ve come to the conclusion that this cheat is absolutely insane! I’m really hyped about the release of this cheat and would love to become a BETA tester. I could upload premium media to the media section once I get invited. I have about ~15 GB of screenshots mainly from OT V3 (I don’t even use doubletap and I get 30-40+ kills in almost every game), and if you would like me to, I could post it all here and you could have a look at it. I could promote this cheat to new visitors by uploading screenshots/videos to the media section of this website using this cheat. I really hope you will consider making me become a BETA tester!

If there are any questions about anything, please do ask me. I hope you have a nice day!

-Speed Demon

invite pls bro

Уже набрали 3 десятка людей в закрытый бето тест !
Жди следующего приглашения

ты не можешь бросить это сейчас?

Мне нужно приглашение Вы не можете бросить это сейчас?

Все приглашения уже были исчерпаны , вас могу пригласить только друзья с этим читом

Вы не можете пригласить?

Не могу , т.к не имею приглашения в збт

Guys, please go talk in DM’s and not under my thread. Thank you!

Also I do not understand Russian.