Too frustrated with neverlose I was humiliated by a gs user

  1. man I’m very frustrated how can it be possible that neverlose is not able to solve a damn guy standing two meters from my face and is not able to shoot I simply have to use force baim because he is not able to solve the head the guy is using gamesense and he does me resolve the issue to me, not him

  2. [2:52]

He is hiding his head with some exploit and Neverlose just freezes without being able to solve his damn head I had to pay the guy $20 betting that I could solve his head in headshot only and nothing the guy just humiliated me Neverlose is not capable of solving his head If the enemy is crouching, standing less than 70 meters from you and jumping, damn what can you do in those cases?

  1. [2:54]

In addition, I was also using my best exploits of hiding the head and breaking the animation and nothing, the guy could solve me even every time I looked out of a single shot he killed me, what is this?

1 dog

you went up probably against a mytools.lua user who just had a generic skitter aa on with static body and a bruteforce randomize aa setting. Neverlose won’t resolve head for that, because it is ass at resolving a simple thing like that, but so that you are not feeling like ur ass, the dude paid probably around 350$ for his little lua resolver even tho the cheat is good without it, he is just too much of a newgen to know this.


It’s not just that at least I would have liked neverlose to fire and miss but at least fire but my anger is that neverlose didn’t even fire a single shot too frustrated neverlose just froze that it never fired it was on a hvh server only Cabesa and neverlose never fired the gs user and I were using our best tricks to hide our heads and nothing while neverlose never managed to find the Cabesa hitbox the gs user did find my Cabesa hitbox and if he did to shoot me directly in the face and kill me that is my furstration for me that neverlose is not a cheat that is directly from the head but it is simply a body shot cheat just that