Toxic For Beta?

  • Yes
  • No

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Vote yes if cool :wink:

Also I don’t expect to get beta this way, I’m just curious.


Who said no, that’s not very nice.

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I cry now

bruh i got flagged cool bro


You didnt give any reason :frowning:

Yeah he did. He said he was curious. Good enough reason for beta.

Who said no, he hasn’t the access to the cheat Lol,

Ofc yes <3

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I’ve been pretty active on forums/discord (I have earned the “Regular” badge), helping people out, reported bugs, gave suggestions, made a thread answering everyone’s questions about invites/applications (with the help of @W0lf1k ) and have tried to represent neverlose as a whole in a good way. Obviously I’m not saying I deserve beta, but I hope that I could get it one day if I keep trying.


@Toxic note i dont have nothing agaisnt you i dont know you either, but this post is a bit useless since 90% of the voters dont know you or your knowledge either which makes me confused why would they vote somone for BETA if they dont know the person .
Thats the same as you buying something but you dont know what you buying makes no sense.
Anyways have a nice day!


I probably should have restricted the poll to only csgo users. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Toxic for president

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should’ve been #MirageForBeta instead…

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Mirage first needs to get the cheat

I voted him yes because I’ve read his reviews he goes very in depth and isn’t afraid to give negative comments, and hes a chill guy and I think he is qualified to be given beta.

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he has it just doesn’t have a sub

No. He is toxic

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NO! heheh

No lol he would have bought it by now or he would have got banned if he has it I am majorly disappointed mirage that you didn’t buy a sub after 0.001 millisecond

can i not vote i cant ruin it