Turkish Vacation!

Would you guys go to turkey for a vacation? If yes, where would you go?

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I would definitely go in Turkey with my family and friends for a little vacation as I heard from other friends that this would be an ideal place to go to.

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That’s nice to hear, I have been there, it’s a very wonderful place to go to!

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I just came back from my turkey vacation. I went to Lara Antalya :)) It was very nice!

Antalya :sunny: :surfing_woman:

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nah. I stay in Poland. I don’t support kebab peoples lol. I’d rather go to brazil than this shit

I feel so sorry for you

nobody gives a fuck abiut your opinion iqless polak, turkey wont lose tourists if 1 iqless semi working brain dead polak comes to turkey

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make me kebab 1 rollo you dirty mug
Imagine living in turkey where women doesn’t have rights and you can’t use bitcoin
you are all fucking terrorists

siema du fkn hurensohn i dont live in turkey iqless doggo, i still think that living in turkey is better than living in a depressing ass country named poland where jews got burnt :rofl:

turkey has some of the very best food but before turkey, some places id like to visit first:

fushimi inari, kyoto, japan
akihabara, tokyo, japan
giza, greater cairo, egypt
the taj mahal, agra, india
the holy city of varanesi, india
colosseum, rome, italy
helicopter flight over grand canyon from tusayan, arizona
st. petersburg, russia

and then turkey for sure!

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Those are very cool places! Most of them are in my list too! I hope I get to see them, same for you!