U think zuhn is cheating?

Sooo in my opinion he doesent cheat

What u guys think about him?


are u sure about that?

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Some details (like dynamic hud colour) say the opposite.

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didnt some youtuber expose him where zuhn actually started spinbotting against him? :thinking:

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kinda obv he does

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He can be legit but he used to cheat so i don’t know

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In some way he is cheating and its a factssss maybe not be super blatant or enough to confirm but i think he is.

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i dont care about that but i think he is

hes cheating

be zuhn
buy cheat
jump and shoot heads

Imo hes obv cheating

He already got banned multiple times, he also got exsposed where he sold pasted cheats + he also got exposed for still having & using a bhop script. There was a video on his channel where he backtrack really fkn obv, sadly he deleted it cause it was way to obv :innocent:
So obv this virgin cheats and claims to be good even due it’s due cheats :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I mean, what he is doing I can do legit too, sometimes

Like the flicks or long bhops ^^

If he’s just playing like every day every night hitting these clips idk, for me this just looks legit lol

And what’s up with the “jump and shoot heads”, I mean I don’t think there is a cheat which can nospread ur weapon or am I wrong?

Ye but he never got vacced(as far as I know) and yes he said he cheated and he got exposed, but most of the videos are like very long time ago / reuploads


? why would he get vacced, the guy has gamesense which everybody knows.

Well he has cheats but maybe he isn’t cheating on his vids ?

He got banned multiple times. And why would he have cheats when he doesnt want to use them??

in one of his bhop videos he talked about sk33t

I don’t know, but his playstyle, aim and bhops are legit doable with some training / even without training


zuhn = spirthack + anti obs