Unban me from discord

yo bro i need an unban real quick so i can keep up with these aps

what did you do to get banned in the first place?

why did you get banned?

dont remember it was like 5 months ago

You were here 5 months before and you don’t know how to change a profile pictue ?

idk man thats kinda sus

idk if u want to be in there bro LOL

yeah, no good idea

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because ive been doing other things in life and im not on fourms 24/7 i dont get what your trying to get at here

i just want to be there i can see when applications are open

I’m not trying to get anything lol, I’m only saying :

Why did you got banned ?

You made your neverlose account 7 days ago and state that you got banned from the discord 5 month ago

beacuse i lost my old account and lost the email

what was the username ?


account is fresh so not a big lost, why did you got banned ?

like i said i dont remember but it was probably with swearing or something

i dmed staffs made people dm staffs opened a ticket about it. not posible

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