Weird error

Soo i decided to play some legacy mode hvh and it didnt really work so i said fuck this and then i wanted play some normal cs so i opened neverlose injected it but i only get this error all time pls help

did u restart pc? and download a new loader just in case

okay ill start with new loader wait ill give reply


well new loader didnt help now im gonna restart my pc wait again

sad restarting pc still didnt work

it must be a steam issue or cs go u might have to unistall one fo them but im not sure but if u want to go ahead

nope i fixed it by my self when i got the crash i thinked about opening the file that neverlose creates and it worked

thats weird i never seen that error

have u tried to verify csgo files?

well today everything is going right i can normally inject with neverlose file so yeah i think some thing wasnt right idk but thank you all